Our values

Created in 2004, Love to Love has developed a range of sex toys, gifts and erotic cosmetics, which respects a specific motto: "Think French, Make Love", which draws its inspiration from the hippie movement and values ​​such as "Peace & Love or “Make love, not war”. The ambition of Love to Love is thus to offer its customers not simple products, but experiences in their own right, without taboos and dedicated to everyone's pleasure.

Born from the motto "Sex, Fun & Rock'n'roll", overtaken by the ambition to create products combining design and pop culture, the Love to Love revolution is underway! Diverting everyday objects with style, Love to Love is a pioneer in the market for sex toys, gifts and erotic cosmetics. What if true luxury was pleasure?

Our Awards

Love to Love quickly distinguished itself on the sex toy market, collaborating with internationally renowned designers. The small Marseilles brand quickly established itself as an avant-garde reference. Just a few months after its release, Enjoy! by Marina Peyre was the first sex toy to be exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and sold at MoMA in New York, elevating the sex toy to the status of a modern art object. Prestigious names have since joined the brand: Milo Manara, La Fille d'O, Ora Ïto...

A confirmed actor today, Love to Love celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014! Always as a pioneer, the brand offers a complete range of sex toys, erotic cosmetics and gifts combining innovation and original design, without compromising on quality, without ever taking life too seriously, because true luxury is pleasure!

Our ambition

Love to Love aims to provide its customers with what they dared not seek: pleasure. From the first sex toy to more specific erotic products, Love to Love makes every effort to bring well-being and pleasure to everyone, without ever neglecting the quality of its products. Whether couples or singles, women or men, homosexual or heterosexual, everyone can find happiness at Love to Love thanks to its complete and diversified range of sex toys, cosmetics and games. erotic.

In a simple and dynamic spirit, Love to Love offers its customers products that promote freedom, open-mindedness and adventure. Make your sexuality a playground and enjoy the experience.

Our teams work every day to find new, more innovative, more satisfying and more original products, in order to provide our customers with thrills and moments they will remember.